AstroTurf is available with us in different shades of green and different thickness. It starts from 10mm and reaches 50mm. if you do not have time to maintain your garden the best idea is to have AstroTurf installed as it does not need mowing not does it need water to stay green. We at Grand Interiors have all types of AstroTurf that is available on the market and some types are affordable for majority of people.

Grand Interiors can help you have the garden of your dreams that needs no maintenance and look good to your eyes. The most sold out type of AstroTurf is the 30 mm thick variety as it is used both on commercial settings as well as residential settings. The variety of AstroTurf available at Grand Interiors can be bought according to the durability as different brands guarantee of different duration for the AstroTurf some types last 8 years while other can last 20 years.