Grand Interior really cares for is the Jaye Namaz. Namaz is one of the most important part of a Muslim’s life. Knowing this fact we offer a large collection of Jaye Namaz or prayer rugs in a variety of colors and finishes.

We have jaye namaz in all sizes; we have these prayer rugs available in small size for kids who are under 10 years of age to the large size that is suitable for even the huge sized people.

Grand Interiors is a company that has a wide range of prayer rugs in all lengths that are used for the setting of mosques. We have already sold a number of designs of these prayer rugs for the mosques build across the country we have even sold some bulk orders for the western community.

Grand Interiors have become a special supplier of prayer Jaye namaz for most of the mosques that are in need of jaye namaz.